"Membership to Al-Minufiyah GTUG "

There are two kinds of membership for 
Al-Minufiyah GTUG, a normal membership which is referred as Al-Minufiyah GTUGer, and a Al-Minufiyah GTUGer+ member. Both memberships are completely free and don't require any kind of fees.
  •  Al-Minufiyah GTUGer
This is the basic type of membership, to become a Al-Minufiyah GTUGer is very simple. Join the Al-Minufiyah GTUG mailing list and that's pretty all. You'll get updates about all the Al-Minufiyah GTUG news, invited to its events. Feel free to post your opinion or start a topic in this mailing list, or join any discussions there.

  • Al-Minufiyah GTUGer+ Member
This type of membership is for volunteer organizers of Al-Minufiyah GTUG, and active Al-Minufiyah GTUGers.

  • Requirements to become a Al-Minufiyah GTUGer+ member:

  1.    Al-Minufiyah GTUGer for more than 6 months.
  2.    Attended at least 2 events of Al-Minufiyah GTUG, one of them must be during the latest 3 Al-Minufiyah GTUG events.
  3.     Willing to volunteer in the organization of Al-Minufiyah GTUG.

If you think that you are qualified to become a Al-Minufiyah GTUGer+ member, please contact us with a request proposal and we will respond to you as soon as possible. The request proposal is supposed to contains your career type, your contact information, your experience in general and in communities in specific, and brief information about yourself.

  • Maintain the Al-Minufiyah GTUGer+ membership:

  1.     Good behavior with the team, the members, and follow the organizational team protocols or guidelines.
  2.     Active by volunteer in one of the latest 3 Al-Minufiyah GTUG events and attended 2 of the latest 5 Al-Minufiyah GTUG events.
  3.     Active as an organizers and part of the team.
  4.     The membership renewal is yearly.
    Those are still a draft rules, so expect some changes and exceptions in them.

Benefits of becoming a Al-Minufiyah GTUGer+:
  •     Help in the organization of Al-Minufiyah GTUG.
  •     Access to more features.
  •     Get listed in our website.
  •     Guaranteed seat in all Al-Minufiyah GTUG events.